Our Services for CPG Companies

Sales Brokerage Icon


Connecting your brand to a network of buyers and sellers

Represent your brand with a direct sales team and key account managers

Create connections with Sales Representatives

Conduct negotiations with retailers and wholesalers

Form business reviews with key retailers

Provide retailer set up, portal management, maintenance, and promotional program planning

Consulting Icon


Identifying opportunities for business development strategies

Develop our client’s business plan and sales objectives

Develop our client’s key indicators – conversion by quarter, customers, buyers, distribution channels

Assist with creating both a budgeting and annual plan

Manage raw data and statistics to create a plan catered to the client’s brand objectives

Provide support during a company’s start-up phase

Merchandising Icon


Positioning your brand to increase growth and visibility

Execute sales routes and record the product status at the store level

Manage product replenishment

Build and maintain product displays (racks, end caps, check stands and front end displays, etc.)

Oversee store resets and re-tags

Promote brand products at the store level

Provide input in development of collateral material (displys, headers, brochures, etc.)

Category Management Icon


Managing brands in the marketplace to enhance their ROI

Create Planograms / Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Prepare and present data to customers

File invoices and purchase orders

Provide IRI and Nielsen analysis

Trade Marketing Icon


Building strategies for your brand to succeed

Develop product branding for clients

Conduct research, branding architecture, and promotional campaigns for client’s brands

Assist with developing targeted communication
strategies to ensure maximum exposure at minimal cost to drive brand awareness

Manage brand investments

Attend trade shows