Sales and Marketing for the CPG Industry

High Point Sales and Marketing designs and executes custom sales strategies for CPG companies. We become vital partners in positioning your company and brand in the right channel, price, and point of sale execution. This translates to building your business and achieving sales targets while maintaining brand profitability and budgetary objectives.

We believe our mutual success is built on Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration, Excellence, and Adaptability.

These fundamental beliefs shape our culture, define our character, and drive our commitment to excellence in the CPG industry.

High Point Sales and Marketing offers full services to drive growth and success for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies. You gain a partner committed to elevating your CPG brand across all aspects of sales and marketing with one of the best teams in the industry.


We connect your brand to our extensive network of buyers and sellers, representing you with our dedicated sales team and key account managers.


We build comprehensive strategies like product branding, promotional campaigns, and targeted communications to ensure your brand’s success:

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We position your brand to increase visibility and drive growth by executing sales routes, managing product replenishment, and building eye-catching displays.

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Our team helps manage your brand in the marketplace to enhance ROI. We create planograms, manage customer relationships, and provide in-depth IRI and Nielsen analysis.

At High Point Sales and Marketing, we take pride in partnering with a diverse portfolio of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies across multiple industries. Our expertise spans various sectors, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions that drive growth and success for each unique brand we represent.

Through our strategic partnerships and industry expertise, we help these diverse CPG companies navigate market challenges, capitalize on emerging trends, and achieve sustainable growth in their respective sectors.

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At High Point Sales and Marketing, we pride ourselves on fostering strong relationships with key Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry players. Our extensive network of business partners includes leading supermarkets, distributors, and big-box retailers, allowing us to effectively position and grow your brand across various channels.

Through these valuable partnerships, we create tailored strategies that maximize your brand’s potential in the competitive CPG landscape. Our deep understanding of each partner’s unique requirements and consumer base allows us to craft targeted approaches that drive sales and enhance brand visibility.

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At High Point Sales and Marketing, we’re passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed. Our blog reflects our intention to share insights, strategies, and trends in sales and marketing. Here, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge covering everything from innovative marketing techniques to cutting-edge product developments. Join us on this journey of continuous learning and improvement. Dive into our latest posts below and empower your business with knowledge that drives results.

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